Sonsbeek 2008
June 13 - September 21

Anna Tilroe

The pursuit of Grandeur


"Grandeur, the theme of Sonsbeek 2008, is very topical and affects everyone. The longing for greatness is related to a feeling of inner emptiness in western culture. There are no longer new and noble visions of mankind to which we can aspire. Art has the possibility to present another option, to unravel our unused potential. Art can show us the world and ourselves anew: fresh and full of unprecedented possibilities. The painful yet courageous struggle to transcend your own everyday limits, that is what Grandeur means to me."


Anna Tilroe, artistic director Sonsbeek 2008

Anna Tilroe is a curator and art critic. She writes for major newspapers and has written books about contemporary art and culture. She produced the concept for Sonsbeek 2008 at the invitation of the City of Arnhem.



Anna Tilroe