Sonsbeek 2008
June 13 - September 21

Unique tradition
Legendary reputation

From June 13 - September 21, 2008 Arnhem hosted the 10th Sonsbeek International Sculpture Exhibition, entitled 'Grandeur'. Artistic director Anna Tilroe has invited 28 artists of world renown to visualise the aspiration for human greatness. An exhibition about the urge, the dream, the conflict and the struggle that are linked to this aspiration. The works of art show 'Grandeur on a human scale'.


Residents of Arnhem carried the works of art through the streets in a magnificent Procession. In this way, Sonsbeek 2008 seeks to involve society in art. The Procession formed the prelude to the official opening of the exhibition in the beautiful Park Sonsbeek.
See photos of the Procession.