Sonsbeek 2008
June 13 - September 21

The Catalogue

Sonsbeek 2008: Grandeur

The Sonsbeek 2008 catalogue features the 26 works of art as a running pictorial narrative, shown in the context of many other images. In an approach that is both fascinating and intelligent, the broader art-historical and cultural foundations of the works of art are brought to light. The 276 pages of this A-4 sized book, in full color and gold, contain more than 500 images, and essays by Anna Tilroe, Bas Heijne, Wouter Hillaert and Nanda Janssen.


Encompassing the book is yet another surprise: a leporello or foldout cover with a photographic report of the procession through Arnhem and pictures of the definitive works of art standing in Sonsbeek Park. This cover is also separately on sale as a poster (no folds). 


You can order the catalogue in our webshop. 


New free leporello!

We would like to draw your attention to the following. A new fold-out cover is currently being printed, with an update of all the works of art in the park (better illustrations of 16 of the 26 works of art) and a correction to the depiction of the procession (3 photographs shown more clearly). You can order this improved reprint by sending an email with your name, address, postcode and city to: . Mention 'nieuw leporello' and it will be delivered to your home for free.